May 7, 2011

Welcome to the 21st Century

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We celebrated our 38 years on April 21st this year with something unusual, presents.

We’d been talking about it for some time. Linda wanted a new camera. The Canon EF no longer takes accurate photos since the light sensor failed. And the Nikon has ceased to focus properly which is important when your eyes no longer no the job either. Not to mention the fact that both are film (yuck!) cameras! So she got a new Canon EOS digital for way too much money.

I got an iPad 2 cover. Oh. And an IOU.

Apparently I’m not the only one who wanted an iPad this year. The waiting game was on. True to their word, the factory in Shenzhen, China shipped my iPad on Monday, May 2nd. From there it went to Anchorage, Alaska. Weird. It spent the whole day sitting on the tarmac. The whole day! Didn’t they know I was dying here? Then in a spastic herky jerky trips it flew on to Memphis and landed in Atlanta on thursday. On Friday I arrived home from work to a big bow on an Apple box. Wahoo!

After a few hours of charging and such Tyler came to spend the night and gave me me that poor puppy look and said, can I play with that? He gets more out of it than I do.



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  1. Emily said,

    Great pic of Tyler — with ipad? I like the light rays. Cool. Glad you and Linda are enjoying your gadgets. Can hardly wait for your pros and cons on ipad. Hopefully in English! 12 more years to 50! Wow!

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