November 19, 2010

Logging in a Red Shirt

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:23 pm by dgcombs

The power of collecting my logs in one place is extracting good information from them. I’ve got some straightforward (albeit not necessarily simple) mechanism for consolidating logs from my firewall. It might be time to do something more useful than take a quick snapshot. With SPAM and Failed Logins, it’s straightforward to get a count of bad things that happen by day. What I needed was a way to do that with firewall traffic.

Google has been using a technique call Map and Reduce for quite some time, quoting that nearly a thousand MapReduce jobs are run on Google’s clusters every day. But what does it do for you? MongoDB, the database I’m using to collect logging information has a pretty good explanation of the built-in MapReduce feature. But I like another one much better.

Kristina Chodorow posits that the Enterprise’s very logical Mr. Spock uses this self-same MapReduce function to determine whether to beam down Captain Kirk to a spot on the hostile planet, or use a clearly more expendable red shirted crewman. Kirk is only interested in parts of the planet with attractive female aliens. He’s not so interested in brain-sucking monsters. In Chodorow’s scenario:

UPDATE: for some reason or another, the Posterous autopost stopped just as things got interesting. Until I rectify the problem, you can review the whole thing as it is intended on Meyeview (Posterous). — Dan


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