September 14, 2010

Jade in the Shade

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:58 pm by dgcombs

I’ve been wandering on my own road to Damascus lately.

As part of my conversion from Java to JavaScript in general and Node specifically, I decided to take the plunge and code my first web application in Jade. I’ve seen the light.

Jade is not simply a semi-precious element from which you can carve your favorite elephant. Jade is a web templating engine and way of representing HTML reminiscent of HAML organized on indentation rather using characters to introduce HTML symbols. Jade is also one of the default rendering engines used in Express which provides a high performance web development framework for Node.

There was one problem.

I couldn’t remember how to code in Jade either. And with things in the World of Node moving so quickly, it was getting hard to keep track of syntax features.

I’m not blaming Jade. It has some excellent tools for telling you where you went wrong. But only one way to tell you where you went right; and I kept missing the boat. Then I thought back on how I successfully navigated my way through High School’s treacherous shoals.

I wrote a cheat sheet.

As an exercise in atonement, it is written in Jade and exports HTML. It is designed to be printed on a sided page for convenient reference. But I couldn’t get all the features on one side, so I left some of the key features for the back side when I finish The Rest of the Story. In the mean time, if you’re in the GitHub neighborhood, look up my Jade Cheat Sheet and help me make sure it doesn’t stray from the orthodox standard.



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