December 16, 2009

Kindle 2 or not?

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I attended a local ISSA security conference a few weeks ago sponsored by the Atlanta, Georgia chapter. It was especially interesting to go through the conference with my little card collecting stickers from all the sponsoring vendors. Some interested me and I didn’t mind listening to their sales pitch. Some I knew, so I renewed my acquaintance. Some I just simply didn’t care. I felt like saying, “just the sticker, please.”

I didn’t know why I was collecting the stickers. I presumed it had to do with a drawing of some kind. I decided to just stick it out and see. At the end of the conference, the organizers invited everyone into the main hall to see if  you’d won the door prizes. I decided to hang out and see. Apparently not many people did.

They were giving away four or five iPods, a Best Buy coupon, a couple of firewalls, a router (yes, these are geeks – in the best sense of the word), and one Kindle. They drew for the Best Buy card. Geek #1 came up to get his prize giddy with possibilities! Then they drew for the Kindle. The drawer stumbled badly over the name, gained confidence and tried it one more time. Hey! That name was mine! Hey! I got the Kindle! There I was, Geek #2 taking possession of my new little toy.

My first (and so far only) book on the Kindle was not Murder Most Fowl as I had planned, coincidentally written by one of the geeks in attendance and presenting at the ISSA conference, but Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency about one Precious Ramotswe who stats a detective agency in Botswana. This one penned not by a geek but by a Scottish professor born in Zimbabwe. It’s a very good book. I can’t wait to read the second in the series.

Which brings me to the question. Should I keep the Kindle or sell it and use Kindle-for-iPhone instead for my reading? I found ten good reasons to keep my Kindle. And ten good reasons not to. I agree with all twenty reasons!

The biggest reason I think I’d prefer to sell the Kindle and buy something else though, is that everything I put on the Kindle costs a little money. It can download blogs for me – but I have to pay for the conversion to Kindle format. I can email text files and even music to the Kindle – for a fee. A nickle here and a dime there and pretty soon, you’ve got fifteen cents. The bottom line is, I wish I’d won the Apple iPod Touch.


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  1. EzraSF said,

    If I had to pick, then I would probably pick the Nook over the Kindle2.–noble-compares-nook-to-kindle-2-biased-but-fair Nook has Wi-Fi and an SD slot. However it has a shorter battery life. Plus they are pretty much sold out until January. 🙂

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