April 10, 2009

Pay Ahead

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:21 pm by dgcombs

This morning, I gave my alarm clock that evil look. You know, the one I reserve for things that really get my blood pressure up. As I lay back down on the pillow, I thought, would it not be lovely to be able to pre-hit the snooze button. That way, before I drift off to blissful sleep or wake in the middle of the night, I could decide to hit the snooze button and give myself a few extra minutes of uninterrupted sleep!

Then the idea of paying ahead got me thinking. Perhaps this would be useful during the Fast. At that time of year, I need to get to bed early so I can get up early to eat a solid breakfast, one that’ll last most of the day. So if I could eat breakfast the night before, I could sleep until sunrise!

Oh! and if you think of a way to solve a problem or accomplish a task at work, you could do it the night before and that way when you get in the office the next day, it would already be done!

Say, I could pre-charge my cell phone to make sure I never lost signal because my batter ran out of juice in the middle of that crucial call to the Pizza place on Friday evening.

And you know how that last good parking space is always gone by the time you get there? If you could just pre-park your car before you get there…

At that point, I realized that further sleep was useless. I got up, sneared at my alarm clock, grabbed a towel and went to take a shower. While the water dripped off my nose, I was thinking that, if I could only pay that shower ahead, I could have slept longer.


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