October 27, 2008

Read my lips!

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:01 am by dgcombs

The other day, Tyler and I were discussing a pending fishing trip. He decided on Wednesday we should go fishing since we hadn’t been in a very long time. At breakfast, before school on Friday morning, he decided we needed to go over to Wal-Mart to get some worms. “Why?” I innocently asked, “There are plenty of worms in the garden.” “But the worms are out of season in the garden!”

We went to Walmart Saturday morning. The side benefit was that the MacDonalds there had a good to-go breakfast!

That afternoon, we were tossing the baseball around. Tyler pitched one to me pretty hard and I missed it. I picked it up and threw it back to him. He said, “you could have caughten that!”

“Arghhh!”, I said, “there’s no such word as ‘caughten’!”

“Sure there is! That’s what your clothes are made of.”



  1. Emily Combs said,

    Now that young-un has a quick wit!
    Great Grandparents weighing in on a good one!
    You coulda caughten that one, Dan!!!

  2. Emily Combs said,

    Furthermore – what IS the punkin????

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