July 18, 2008

A Walk in the Park

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Katie took a short vacation. She went to Jacksonville to visit Coley, her brother. It was short for two reasons: 1) she doesn’t make any money when on vacation and 2) vacations cost more money than staying at home.

She was to pick up Tyler while there and drive him home so he could “visit with his friends.” So when they left (at noon, naturally!), I started texting and getting text messages from Tyler. He’s a prodigious texter now  that he’s got an cool Sprint LG Rumor. When they got close to Peachtree City, I got a text, “Grampa, order us some pizza!”

Well, as much as I hated to do it, I ordered pizza. When the Pizza and I got home, we waited. and waited. And when Katie drove up to the house some 20 minutes later it looked like one of those clown cars. Out piled Tyler and then Cody and even Destiny! Finally Katie got out and stretched. “Surprise!” she said.

So yesterday after work, someone got a bright idea. Let’s go to the Park! Which one? The YMCA Park of course. And so Linda and I got in the car and headed off to the park. (Pictures at my Flickr account.) Cody is getting tall and slender. I wondered what he’d do at the park with his little sister and cousin. I found out. We played hide and go seek. It was tough hiding from those guys. That and the wood has all these holes in it – you can see right through. The last hider was Cody.

We looked everywhere. Tyler kept saying he knew where Cody was, but wasn’t going to tell. Destiny was getting seriously worried about her big brother. Linda and I looked and looked. Finally he came out of his hiding spot. He was under a little bridge, slid into the cubby just below a sheet of rubber. I asked if he’d made friends with any spiders or ants. He said he got up and found an ant on his hand and looked down to find a whole mound underneath him. YIKES!

It was dark when we left. Cody had a big smile on his face. He was the best hider. Except the Tyler kept saying he knew where his cousin had been the whole time. Sure he did.


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