May 13, 2008

WinMo vs iPhone

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Over the past year or so, I’ve really wanted to just go out and buy and iPhone. Only two things stop me: the fact that I’d have to leave the really good deal Sprint gives me because my daughter works there and the money an iPhone would cost. So when HTC came out with the Sprint Touch, I figured I’d go for it!

The first thing I noticed about my Touch was that the stylus way way too short for me to use comfortably. That meant I’d need to use the finger-friendly keyboard. And that, as they say, was the beginning of a slippery slope.

The reasons I needed Windows Mobile boiled down to one thing: access to Exchange email and calendaring.

Things I need to make my Touch easier to use:

  1. PointUI – this fantastic piece of software provides a “slide to unlock” applet. It also has a really cool way of using your fingers to select both applications and contacts – just like an iPhone! Fortunately, it’s free.
  2. TouchPal from Cootek – very rarely have I actually dug in my virtual pocket and come up with cash for software. But this keyboard is so versatile on a touch screen that I couldn’t help myself. REALLY! That and the cost was like $12.98. Now I don’t have to use that dinky stylus and can use my touch screen keyboard – just like an iPhone!
  3. Opera – The built-in browser, Internet Explorer, stinks. Everybody says so. And they’re right. So simply EVERYONE recommends that I pay $24.00 for it. Well, it’s good but now I’m digging deep in my virtual pockets again. The version I want is 9.5 which isn’t available. You can – if you can sit still that long – watch a video on how cool it is. So I might use OperMini which is free and Java Midlet based. Unfortunately, it crashes quite often on my Touch. They say it’s the Midlet Manager and I should buy one from Esmertec. So that’s another $30 or so. Then I’d have a browser that works just like an iPhone!
  4. I can *be* without my tunes and security podcasts. So I need a new media player. The default, built in one just doesn’t do stuff. But for only $25 I can get one that does… and does it all. Even allowing me to watch videos from YouTube – just like an iPhone!
  5. Of course the poor little Touch only comes with 1/2 a GB of memory. Not nearly enough to store my tunes and podcasts let alone the pictures I take. So I’ll need to go over to Bestbuy and spend $60 for 4Gb of memory – just like an iPhone! Well, the small one.
  6. Do you use text messages? I do. But the Short Message Service (SMS or Text) feature on a windows mobile phone stinks out loud! So I need to see if I can run one of these for around $15. That way, I can get threaded SMS messages – just like the iPhone!
  7. And since I use Remember the Milk! all the time to track my todo list, I’ll spend the $25 to download their software and Sync my phone’s todo list with RtM – just like an iPhone!

So there ya have it. My phone is now a sight to behold. It rivals even the most decked out iPhone. I sure wouldn’t to pay all that money for an iPhone when I can just get a few little applications for my Windows Mobile phone! According to my calculations, refurnishing my Touch only costs me $163 plus the $250 I spent on the phone itself (after the rebate of course!). Hey! That’s $413! An iPhone is only $399! Arghhhh! I shoulda got an iPhone!


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  1. Emily Anna said,

    Sorry about the iPhone disaster. Choices are difficult. Sounds like your iSprint is set up JUST perfectly! Enjoyed the way you wrote this – just like a born teacher!


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