May 10, 2008

What’s for dinner?

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On the back of Tyler’s homework sheet were the words:

You’re the Chef!

Tyler's Dinner

This normally doesn’t bother me. Since I’ve gone back to working and Tyler’s at home full time, Linda does the cooking. But further investigation showed that it was a homework assignment for Tyler! Uh-Oh.

Step one (20 points): Plan a healthy meal. I knew we were in trouble so I decided to check in at breakfast. “What are you going to make for dinner?” I ask as casually as possible, bracing myself for the pizza-and-ice-cream I just knew was coming. “oh, chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and rolls or something.” Trying to look casual, I picked up the glop of oat meal off the table where I’d dropped it in total surprise. “Sounds delicious.”

Step two (10 points): Write out a grocery list. Tyler’s been going to the grocery store since he was about three. Of course, I’d often have to head to the local park to tucker him out first so he couldn’t complain very loudly. So he knew very well what a grocery list was and rattled it off in quick succession. He was only missing the butter for the rolls and oil for the chicken, “oh yeah, I forgot.”

Step three (20 points): Prepare the meal. Wait a minute! I’m all fine for a theoretical exercise. But how is a meal made by a 10 year old going to go down? I shudder from dark memories of way too crispy scrambled eggs (are they supposed to crunch?) and homemade pizza with dill pickle toppings. Ah-ha! The page says, “Adult supervision may be required.” Whew! I’ll help. It may not be much better, but at least I’ll know what I’m getting into and can take remedial action (Wendy’s!)

Step four (10 points): Take a picture or two. I can do that! They’re posted on my Flickr account.

Step five (10 points): Write about what was difficult when preparing the meal and what was easy. Tyler’s verbal response? “Well, the hardest part was grampa continually rushing me and telling me what to do! The easiest part was making the dinner. I already know how to do that!”

Step six (20 points): Clean up! Definitely the most boring part. But he did pretty well. He even put away the remaining mashed potatoes without taking “just one more small bite!” When Katie came home from work, Tyler proudly pulled the remains of his good meal out of the fridge for her.

If you’ve been keeping score, you’ve noticed that this only adds up to 90 points. Where’s the other 10? At the bottom of the page, the fine print says, “Parent’s Signature.” I didn’t tell Tyler that he could get an “A” without my signature. But I’ll sign it any way. It was delicious. Now if he’d just get assigned to do the dishes!


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