May 2, 2008

Aziza’s Dance Recital

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All I can say is, “Wow!”

Last week, Nwandi asked if anyone wanted half price tickets to Aziza’s dance recital. OK, the last half of that didn’t excite me. I can see tea and cookies and little girl tutu’s. But HALF PRICE? You can’t beat that! So I got three thinking Linda, Tyler and I could go. I never know Katie’s schedule.

Wednesday came and Linda starts hemming and hawing. Katie’s got the day off and she wants to ride her bike. So…. maybe Katie could go. I look at the mound of laundry and resign myself to going alone. On Thursday morning I mentioned it to Tyler who says, “Aziza? Awwww, Grampa I hate ballet.” “But It’ll be an adventure!” I say and drop it. I assumed he’d want to sit home with his mom and watch TV.

But when I got home (a bit early), he was all ready to go. He borrowed my comb and said, “I clean up good, don’t I?” So we hopped into the car and headed downtown to the Rialto Theater. (“Reeeee-yall-toe it almost sounds like a beautiful foreign language”) I found a parking spot and the adventure began. We got in the elevator to head to street level and Tyler found four pennies. Just lying there on the floor! At street level we crossed the Five Points green zone, the statue of RESURGENS and headed to the Rialto Theater.

We got there just for the first light flash. Tyler wondered what that was about and I explained they were about to start and wanted people to go sit down. We headed to our seats. W-a-a-a-y back, but in the center, “so I don’t have to get a neck ache looking up” he tells me.

Just as they were about to shut down the lights for good, we see the Merkel family zoom in. Vahid dives over my legs and sits down next to Tyler and starts a conversation about the latest Nintendo game he’s been playing. Katana sits down next to me and says, “guess what!? My friend Aziza is going to dance. Is that her?” as she points to the stage. Kris sits down with his littlest and we shrug at each other. Katana looks up at me  seriously and says, “are you here to see Aziza, too?”

Then the curtains opened and we were treated to Moving in the Spirit. And all the way through, Katana kept asking me, “where’s Aziza?”

About a third of the way into the production, Tyler got quiet and stopped asking me when it would be over. I thought maybe he was tired. But he kept telling Vahid to stop talking so he could listen. I was intrigued by the show. A Maya Angelou-like guide to the history of things the earth has done for you. The kids were all into it: A choral group dressed in almost formal singing African work tunes, a dance history of African work ethic and how that transformed into Blues, Jazz (yes, Katana, that’s Aziza!), Funk and HipHop. And finally at the end was the plea from everyone on stage to “Pass it on” as they threw huge earth beach balls into the audience! After passing them around for about five minutes, the curtain finally went down to a standing ovation.

8:20pm. We could still make it home before 9:30 and a sort of normal bedtime.

Tyler enjoyed the procession of talent, the music and especially the beach balls! As we returned to the street and headed for the car, Tyler took a second look at downtown Atlanta, drew a deep breath and said, “the adventure continues!”


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  1. Great Grandma said,

    Now I wish I could have seen that one. Sounds fascinating. And Tyler is ready for the next adventure. I remember the first ballet I saw. Iva Kitchell. I tried to stand on my toes for weeks afterward.


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