April 16, 2008

Breakfast of champions!

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Tyler complained about his breakfast the other morning. “If you’d buy cereal I like, I’d eat it!” Clearly all those Toaster Strudel, waffles, bagels and English Muffins are now going to go to waste. “What kind do you like?” I ventured. “Reeses.” was his succint reply. OK, more of a candy bar than breakfast but probably no worse than a bagel with a ton of cream cheese or a waffle smothered in syrup.

So we’re sitting there this morning eating and I noticed he’s intently reading the Reese’s Puffs box. I hear his far away sounding voice ask me, “how do get a word in the dictionary?” So I told him the old (and apparently untrue) story behind the word “quiz.” He nods his head up and down and moves on. Then he says, “I’ve conquered my biggest fear.”

Unable to contain myself any more, I spirit the cereal box away and look at the back. It say, “18 Things to do Before You’re 18.” And they have a list. So I give him a pen and he checks off his items:

  1. Ride (Tyler’s edit: “one of”) the worlds biggest roller coaster (check)
  2. Bungee Jump! (check – do I really want to know?)
  3. Score the winning goal/basket (check)
  4. Win an award, trophy or prize (check)
  5. Learn an instrument (check)
  6. Go backstage at a gig (mercifully unchecked)
  7. Meet your idol. (unchecked. On seeing this one I leaned far over and batted my eyes at Tyler and said, “who is your idol?” He laughed and said, “no one here!” Sigh)
  8. Play a part in your favorite TV show (unchecked)
  9. Meet someone with your own name (checked)
  10. Make a discovery (checked – depends on what kind of discover I suppose)
  11. Get away with the perfect practical joke (unchecked)
  12. Own a pointless collection (checked – is that his room or that ball of rubber bands?)
  13. Invent a word that makes it into the dictionary (aha! unchecked)
  14. Conquer your biggest fear (checked)
  15. Raise money for charity (checked)
  16. Pass your driving test the first time (unchecked – whew!)
  17. Complete a road trip coast to coast (checked – yep, he’s been to San Francisco and to Florida)
  18. Reach 18 years of age (unchecked – so far)

Then Tyler mentioned how good it would be to have one item for each year. You know, One thing to do before your first birthday, two things before your second. Like walking, using a words. I told him there is a website for people to post the things they want to do in life. But I hope he steers clear of http://www.43things.com/ at least until his 18th birthday! Me? I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I’ve never bungee jumped or even gotten a word in the dictionary! And what’s worse, the blank spaces on my list are up to fifty-five!


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