November 30, 2007

Honda’s Radio Theft Protection

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About a month ago, my poor Honda CR/V started chugging a little bit while starting. At first, I thought it was just my not holding the key over long enough. But slowly (and most certainly surely) it got harder and harder to start. rar-rar-vroom turned into rar-rar-rar-vroom and then rar-rar-rar-rar-vroom. Today I reluctantly turned into the Advanced Auto Parts store for a new battery. They guy inside tried to test it. I think he was concerned I might need a new alternator and perhaps a starter. I could see the dollar signs in his eyes. But after checking the battery with a fancy tester, he said, “”well, it looks like all you need is a battery.”” I could tell his heart was broken.

So he got the new battery. He looked at me as he was about to remove the ground wire. “”you do have the radio code, right?”” I didn’t know what he was talking about. I nodded. “”Somewhere,”” I said without much certainty.

As he wiped his hands off on a rag while thanking me for my business he said, “”Call the dealer. They’ll give you the code.””

I got home in time to take Tyler over for a Friday night basketball practice. Afterwards, we headed over to the Chic-Fil-Ay for dinner. I told him my dilemma. He turn on the radio. It said, “”code.”” Tyler hit some buttons. The screen turned to “”ErrorA.”” Tyler was jubilant, “”that’s cool!”” So he typed in another set. The display complied with “”ErrorB.”” I wondered how many errors you got. He kept typing away counting up. Finally, it said, “”ErrorE”” and quit responding with “”Code.”” Uh-Oh.

We dug up all the paperwork and got dinner. While chomping on waffle fries and an Original Chicken Sandwich, I found the secret code. Poorly written in a salesman’s quick scrawl on finaly checklist. We struggled to make out all the digits. Tyler allowed as how there could only be four because it never let him put in a fifth digit, exlaiming “”Error”” before he got to number five. But we couldn’t get the doggone thing to respond with “”Code”” all the way home.

Apparently I’m not the only one struggling to get my radio back after changing a battery. Honda Radio Codes I suppose I’ll have to wait an hour to try again… or detach the battery and get my hands all greasy. Ugh.


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