October 27, 2007


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It was billed as a great time for the families of Under-10 soccer teams to come out and play 20 minute game after 20 minute game with prizes, candy and activities in between. The schedule looked daunting. Our first game was at 9am. The last game was at 3pm. Six sun filled hours of soccer fun for the whole family.

It didn’t quite work out that way. When we arrived at Field #4 there was no sign of a referee. The two coaches took it in stride and picked a previously unsuspecting father from the gallery to stand in. He did great. Not at all biased.

The grass was wet from dew. So the kids shoes got totally soaked after a few minutes. So did mine come to think of it. I think we won that game hands down. The kids marched off the field looking around the soccer complex. “”Where’s the activities?”” they said as if with one voice. The coach, a MD-88 pilot for Delta gave them a few suggestions on what they could do. What they ended up doing was taking a soccer ball and playing American Football with it!

After Game Two we realized the activities weren’t going to come off. But the kids didn’t care. They were off in their own world playing football!

Tyler’s friend from Baha’i school, Vahid arrived during the last game of the day. His dad drove all the way from Decatur to drop him off. Tyler had been looking for Vahid since 1pm!

Six hours of watching soccer is a lot of work. So when we got home, I sat down in front of the TV and watched a bit of the Georgia-Florida game. I almost got a little bit of a nap. Almost. Tyler and Vahid corralled little Colin to come play with them. Somehow it evened the score.

Next year, if someone wants to plan a Boo-Fest. I’m going to suggest we just bring a football for each team. It’ll be much simpler than trying to bobb for apples.


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