July 20, 2007

Who’s Feeling Lucky?

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I’m feeling lucky. That’s who.
We drove down to Jacksonville, Florida the week of July 4th. It was a great trip. But Linda kept telling me my car seemed to really need wheel alignment. It was pulling badly to the right. On the way home, we drove the Interstate at 80 to 85 mph. It was hard NOT to. I wanted to be not on the road longer than I had to be.
We only made one stop, in Tifton. We kept seeing the signs, “”Think Tifton.”” Ok! We’ll stop in Tifton! We looked for a good place to wolf down dinner. There wasn’t much. It was Tifton after all. Finally, Linda spotted a little Italian place behind the mall. We agreed, it was this or the Subway. When we got inside, the hostess said the waiters weren’t all there and it might take five minutes to get us seated. We should have taken that the way it was said, “”the waiters aren’t all there…”” Oh well. We got seated. The waiter came over. He was about 40-ish. He had a rough voice from smoking too much. He smelled a little funny. And he kind of swaggered when he walked. Uh-Oh. We should have left then, but we were in a hurry. Or so we thought. Since our waiter had problems keeping his mind on his work and putting our food order in took a long time. I never did get my soup. Linda’s salad was not up to par. Tyler hated the personal pizza. We should have gone to Subway.
Back on the newly paved road, we heard the sound of something hitting the bottom of the car. “”Asphalt”” I said, confident that the pavers had left little presents along the way. We heard that asphalt hit the bottom of the car three times on the trip.
I aired up my tires on Sunday. Sunday night Katie came home with B.J. He asked if I was home and told me the driver’s side tire looked a little flat. He said he didn’t see anything in the tire.
On Monday morning, I came out ready for work when I stopped dead in my tracks. Rats! A flat tire. Oh well, I’ll just change it quick and head to work. When I dropped off the tire, I suddenly realized just what that “”asphalt”” had been. Boy did I feel lucky.

This morning I got up early and drove to Kauffman Tire. I arrived at 7:20. NO problem I thought. I can wait ten minutes. I poked around my car for a while. Updated Twitter and then another car drove in next to me. The High School girl said to her mother, “”I thought you said it opens at 7:30? It says 8 o’clock on Fridays. 7:30 on Saturday!”” I grumbled a little bit while I stuck my disabled tire in the back of my car and drove off to work. I’ll drop it off tomorrow. But I still feel lucky.


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