July 12, 2007

… the morning commute of the (dis)connected worker

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6:30am – snooze the alarm. I don’t want to get up anyway.
6:35am – snooze the alarm on my cell phone. Who set that? Oh, I did.
6:45am – turn OFF the alarm. It’s too early!
6:55am – what is wrong with that cell phone!7:00am – ok. I’m up. I’m up.
shower. brush teeth. Should I shave today? Hmmmm… stubble is is noticeable. rats. shave. drink a glass of milk. take my blood pressure medicine, one, two three pills. Think about complaining to the doctor that I have too many pills. Decide I’d look like a whiner if I did.
Remember that I forgot to take my cholesterol medicine before I went to bed. Decide that I can’t take a dose now so I’ll wait until tonight… when I’ll probably forget again. Make a mental note to sneer at the pharmacist next time I see him. He’s the one who told me to take it at night.
7:25am – check gmail. check remember the milk. check twitter. No news is good news.
7:30am – finally on the road. Trying the new shortcut today.
8:04am – stuck trying to get onto the Interstate. Whip out my cell phone and send a text message to Remember the Milk so I can remember to update the ICMMA website.
8:10am – finally on the Interstate. We’re cruizing now!
8:30am – notice a new bill board. It says, “”Speeding? Driving the limit is cheaper!”” Hmmm… is that why those blue lights are flashing ahead of me? I slow down to the speed limit.
8:38am – Exit at Bolton Road (whew! no tickets!)8:45am – traffic at Bolton Road and Marietta Hwy is particularly heavy today. I whip out my phone and send a text message to Remember the Milk so I can remember to call Camp John Hope about the refund.
8:50am – I’m starting to get antsy. Finally pass Marietta Hwy and nearing the Moore’s Mill left turn. There’s no one ahead of me but that big, old, clunky, smelly cement truck. Look OUT! He’s turning LEFT! ARGHHH!
9:00am – I’m tooling down Moore’s Mill. I’m finally making good time!
9:05am – Stuck at the “”slight right”” trying to get onto Paces Ferry Road. Just ahead is the Governor’s mansion. Should I stop in and let him know traffic around here sucks!?!
9:10am – Finally on Paces Ferry. I sneer to my left as I pass the Governor’s mansion. The State Policeman on duty waves. OK… I feel guilty now.
9:15am – Wow! I remembered where Habersham Rd. is! I make the left turn.
9:20am – almost there! I can see the building.
9:28am – stuck in traffic trying to cross Roswell Road. Sigh. I whip out my phone and send Remember the Milk an SMS message so I can remember to check Google Maps for a BETTER way to get to work.
9:30am – I cruise over to Piedmont road and make the left turn into the parking lot.
9:32am – I rush into the elevator, fumbling for my employee badge that lets me in the office suite.
9:35am – I brush past my boss’ office. Ah…. still dark. I beat him again!
9:36am – My laptop is booting up.
9:40am – I can finally work on my laptop. Wow! I got here in only two hours! Maybe I should ask if I could work from home?
9:45am – I check Remember the Milk. Hey! Who put all those todo’s in there!?!

I sure hope going home is smoother. Maybe I should take the direct route and just put up with the traffic on the Interstate.


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