May 6, 2007

Do you know YOUR license plate number?

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I was driving through Florida from Orlando to Avon Park, about two hours south. I’m used to Florida. I’m used to the flat, sandy land, boring landscape and meager greenery that are orange orchards. I’m also used to the drivers. Apparently, the primary qualification for driving in Florida is basically seeing over the steering wheel. In all my years of driving all over the U.S. and even in England, I’ve only had two accidents. Both were in Florida. Both were *not* my fault! I noticed the drivers hadn’t improved much. I was getting pretty grumpy about the varying speed and lack of passing zones in such a flat area. And then I remembered an idea my dad had, oh so many years ago.We were driving from Illinois to Southwestern Missouri to visit the “”old folks.”” We had crossed the Mississippi River and passed through the city limits of St. Louis. My dad’s normally mid-western speech pattern took on a more noticeable southern twang. Back then, Interstate 70 was not quite complete. Drivers were not quite used to driving on limited access highways at seventy or more miles per hour. Dad was getting a little irritated at the other drivers. The bad ones. So he suggested that we all have ham radios and put the call letters on our license plates. That way you could pick up your microphone and suggest the driver ahead of you just get off the road!So I’m driving Florida State Highway 27 thinking, why don’t we use our cell phone numbers on our license plates? Why stop there? With phone number portability, wouldn’t your cell phone number be a marvelous national ID number? That way, you could keep your social security number to yourself! Take your personalized license plate to the car rental place of choice and slap that sucker on the car. Phone in hand, you’re ready to tackle the open road!And then, like a rental car in Florida traffic, I pulled up short. A quick Google search (hours later) in the hotel revealed that someone already had that idea. No… not my dear father. But this guy, a technology evangelist.Sadly, once again, a great idea usurped from the common man and given over to the lowest form of life… a blogger!


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