April 3, 2007

… and again I say, Achoo!

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Ah! Rain! We went out for a little walk in the woods just before the rain hit. Fortunately my Claritin held for the day. There is a small nature preserve and nature trail near our home in Peachtree City. It follows a little creek. So of course, Tyler had to get soaking wet. Good thing we’d been there with boys before and knew what to expect. We brought a towel. What Linda didn’t count on was slipping on the mossy rocks and getting her feet wet!

Thank God for the rain. Anything that will bring our Pollen count below 5000. If you’ve been watching the pollen count in Atlanta, it exploded during the latter half of March. Over the past several days, the pollen in the air has been really unhealthy. I’ve actually seen people using a knife to cut through the air to get to their cars! I find myself chewing the air after a few minutes. It tastes a little like old Bazooka Bubblegum. It’s not just the sneezy kind of pollen either. The pollen from the Pine trees is a sticky, sickly yellow green and it covers just about everything. Tyler and I played a few minutes of baseball outside and when we came in our shoes were coated with the stuff. Ugh!For those fortunate enough to either not be bothered by allergens or live in areas where pollen is produced in such small quantities that no one notices, I’ll give you a quick run down on the pollen count code:Green is the LOW range: 0 to 30
Blue is the MODERATE range: 31 to 60
Yellow is the HIGH range: 61 to 120
Red is the EXTREMELY HIGH range: anything over 120
We’ve been over 5000 four days last week and over 1000 since March 20th. Thankfully the rain doused the pollen and it dropped down to the 600-700 range this week. That is only slightly over EXTEREMELY HIGH. According to the Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinic (which does a pollen count), the highest count was in 1999 – 6013. Achoo!


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