February 2, 2007

So much for Winter Summer weather

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I guess it was just too good to last. The weather finally broke this week. I can no longer putter around in my sandals outside in the morning. I am in a constant battle with Tyler to wear a coat. This morning after some discussion he said, “”Grampa, I’m wearing three shirts AND a sweatshirt.”” “”Ok,”” I said, “”if you want to freeze, it’s fine with me.”” So we went out to the bus stop. The temperature this week hovered between 29 and 34 degrees most of this week. Today it was a little warmer, 43 degrees. But that could just be my lysdexia kicking in again.This latest cold front pushed through bringing ice and snow to North Georgia and rainy sleet to Peachtree City. If the temperature hovered at 29 degrees, that could only mean one thing… NO SCHOOL! Tyler got up with his alarm at six as usual. He came down to my room and slipped under the covers. He aske me to turn off the radio so he could sleep for just five more minutes. I said, “”sure. But let’s just listen to the news and see if you have school today.”” His head popped up and he couldn’t sleep that five minutes away. We ran upstairs and turned on the kitchen TV while I heated some french toast sticks for him. I told him to read the school names as they came across the bottom of the screen. “”Cobb County,”” he read. Good we hadn’t missed Fayette County. “”Dekalb County”” They don’t say the “”L.”” It’s pronounced “”dee-cab.”” “”Fanin County”” Aha, we should be next! “”Floyd County.”” Oh no! They left out Fayette County.””Sorry Tyler, it looks like you have school today.”” His shoulders slumped. He grabbed a towel out of the clean laundry basket and walked slowly and resolutely down the hall to take a shower. “”It’s not fair!”” was all I could make out.We stood at the bus stop (just up the block). Tyler was shivering. He wondered where the bus was. It was warm on the bus.


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