January 15, 2007

The weather in Georgia so far…

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Well, I guess it’s true what they used to say. Everyone talks about the weather, but no one can do anything about it. Of course, when it’s this nice, who would want to!?!? I could live with this weather all winter long.Friday night, Tyler and a friend from down the block… waaaaay down the block, came over and were playing. They were having such fun. Labinat is from Albania. His family settled in Peachtree City about seven or eight years ago. Tyler and Labinat go to the same school now and even though not in the same class, they are in the same grade. They got together in the back yard and were pretty quiet for a while. Then we found out why. “”Can Labinat spend the night?”” Grandma and grampa had to think about it. But they were both doing so well together, we figured we couldn’t come up with a plausible reason. So OK! Labinat just didn’t go home. When I suggested that we might drop by his house he looked at me with a quizzical stare, “”Why?”” “”To get you some clean clothes to wear tomorrow!”” “”Oh!”” he grinned, “”good idea.””I planned on eggs and sausage for dinner. But Labinat threw me a curve ball telling me his family was Moslem. OK. No sausage. No bacon. How about chicken and cheese quesidillas? “”Oh, I love those!”” so I cooked them up, along with some cheese dip and nachos (and corn of course). He looked at the quesidillas and said, “”what are these?”” I told him. “”Oh, I thought they were something else! This is good though.”” It must have been because he ate two.At bedtime, we were saying prayers and Labinat declined to say a prayer aloud. He thought it wasn’t suitable. So he said his prayer sitting, quiet and with his hands oustretched. After he was finished I asked if he was saying the prayer in Arabic, Albanian or English. He told me Albanian.Well, I figured we were in for at least a good long sleep. But these boys got each other up at six in the morning! Labinat woke first and by all accounts, quietly turned on Tyler’s Nintendo Game Cube and played video games for about an hour before he woke Tyler at six. They graciously let me sleep until almost seven-thirty. That was when they decided they were hungry.Saturday afternoon, we planned a trip to the BMX Track. But the track was crowded with racers and we couldn’t figure out how to get our unattired boys out there. So we opted for a less adventurous trip around the trails of Peachtree City with Linda in the lead. While waiting, Labinat went around the lake area talking to all the fishermen and fisherwomen. Apparently only one guy had any luck he reported. And he picked up a thirteen pound fish. Or thirteen one pound fish. I never did get the story straight.Taking him home that evening, Labinat suggested that next time he spends the night, we got to somewhere to fish. Well, not *that* lake, but somewhere where there are fish.


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