January 9, 2007

Let me get this straight… a PARK for DOGS?

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Yeah. That’s right.There is a park in Peachtree City. And it’s for the DOGS. Believe it or not. Well, now that I am the proud co-owner of a dog (well, she _might_ think she’s a dog), I thought to try it out. So Tyler and I went over there. It’s near the now closed skate park. This is a contrivance designed to give careful grandfathers and doting mothers total nervous breakdowns as their otherwise normal children ride skate boards, scooters and bicycles up and down what are known as The Half Pipe. They flip their boards. They slide their wheels. They do impossible turns. They come careening down one side and rocketing up the other, twist, turn and land sitting on the tippy top with skateboard in hand. All the while they hollar at the top of their little unchanged voices, “”look at me!”” Helmets? We don’t need no helmets!It’s right across the street from the BMX track. This is another device designed to deliver pure torture to already cautious grandparents and doting dads as their usually docile children, helmet in hand (not on head) ride down hill and make the bike jump as high as possible so they can get around the next curve with enough speed to make it over the following series of humps without going so fast as to “”wipe out.”” When Tyler was three, he and I went through the entire track. He on his little bicycle and me pushing from behind. I was fine with that. We were going slow enough (have you ever seen me push?) that the biggest danger was my getting muddy knees.It’s next door to “”The Fred””, a wonderful location for concerts. Linda and I once saw the Atlanta Symphony Quartet give a show there to pay their debt to society. Apparently there was this missed concert day and as punishment, they had to give a free concert in, of all places, The Fred.We drove with the dog in the back of my poor CR/V. I worried all the way there. This dog has a weak stomach. Tyler kept telling me, “”slow down! don’t stop so fast!”” I felt like he was teaching me to drive. I expected him to stomp on the false brake on the passenger side any minute. We arrived and Tyler jumped out of the car and rounded the back and opened the door. “”She didn’t puke!”” he said so loud the folks walking their dog back to the car laughed nervously. I knew they were wondering if *their* dog could handle the trip home without making a little problem for them.We walked back to the gate and were confronted with the first of a series of problems. Was Akira *over* thirty pounds or *under* thirty pounds? I gandered through the *under* gate and thought they all looked like cats. We picked *over*. Once in Akira had to be *off* the leash. Hmmm. We let her wander. And she sniffed. And sniffed. And sniffed. Other dogs came over as if to say, “”come on, let’s play!”” But Akira sniffed. Tyler finally tired of her non-social behavior and grabbed her by the collar and introduced her to several of the other dogs. She tentatively played. Nothing too rough, mind you.After about an hour, Tyler (and I had enough). Akira, of course, wanted to stay and sniff. But we shoved her into the back of my CR/V and headed home. “”I hope she doesn’t puke,”” Tyler said. I hoped so too.


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