January 4, 2007


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Now, you might think that is just a funny name. But no, it is a behavior. It’s one that I’ve been doing ever since Katie and Tyler moved back into the house over the weekend. I remember now why I didn’t like cats in the house. Ah-ah-achoo! This is Yoda. He is named for a brave but tiny Jedi Knight. But this Yoda is very, very fluffy. You can watch the hair drift lazily up off his back (and tail), drift over the couch, swim past the table and zoom right into my nose. Ah-choo!His favorite companion is the dog. You remember Akira the Dog? Yes, we now have a cat and a dog in the house. After s-o-o-o many years of only sneezing from the pollen. After s-o-o-o many years of not worrying about where I step in the front yard. *sigh*Katie decorated the room she moved into with purple, blue and green. It sounds weird, but it really looks very nice. Linda went all the way with crown molding and esconce and all that Home Depot stuff.

Oh well. You just never get to spend enough time with your kids and grandkids. So a few bumps and sacrifices are worth it. I guess.


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