December 2, 2006

Thanksgiving is Officially Over

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:00 am by dgcombs

Today, Thanksgiving is officially over. Yes, the last three slices of pumpkin pie are too watery for humans to eat. No matter, the cats think it’s yet another feast! There’s no more whipped cream anyway. I foolishly used up the last tablespoon on top of a triple decker pumpkin pie, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, drizzled with honey dessert. Linda muttered something needing to make sure my cholesterol medicine is refilled before our insurance expires.The left over turkey, the stuff I couldn’t convince Demian and Katie to take home, is getting a little dried out. We’ve long since run out of gravy to reinvigorate it. Linda makes potato dressing (“”potatoe”” if you’re a Dan Quayle afficionado). It’s based on potatoes instead of bread. And it is g-o-o-o-o-d. But you need to put a nice slice, er, I mean spoonful, of gravy on it. It’s potatoes after all! After a few meals like that, the gravy boat no longer floats.And the final sign that Thanksgiving is over is that I finally washed those last three icky pans that have been waiting for me to do them by hand. You see, these are baking pans. If you put them in the dishwasher, the harsh soap will strip off all the carefully baked on finish (I believe that’s called “”grease”” in other contexts). So they inevitably wait until I am moved by the muses to wash them. Today was the day.And just like that, after nine days of yummy left overs and guilt-free eating (it’ll just go to waste if I don’t eat it!), Thanksgiving is Officially Over.


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