November 22, 2006

Whether It’s Weather or Hot

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:00 am by dgcombs

Ok, everyone likes to hear about the weather.Linda has become addicted to the Weather Channel. She is constantly listening for “”Local on the Eights”” to find out if it will be too windy or cold to ride her bike. She needs to know when it will be warm enough to put the hydraulic cement in the crack we just drilled. Tyler likes to know what the temperature is outside. He checks on our thermostat which is connected to the heat pump out back. He knows if it is too cold he should wear pants. He loves to wear shorts, a tank top and sandles … if that much.My dad is always telling me about his weather. That’s good. Now I know what to expect in about three days. I hope I don’t get weather from my brothers in Illinois and Wisconsin. That’s *always* cold! And my sister in California loves to tell me what the weather is out there. At least *we* don’t have smog… well, not as much.The worst case of _weatherchannelitis_ I ever heard of was from a coworker of mine, Doyle Tatum. His dad loves to watch the weather channel too. One day as Doyle walked in the room he noticed the weather channel on. About half an hour later he came back through and saw his dad switch channels to watch Mannix reruns. He said, “”What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow?”” His dad looked puzzled, “”I don’t know!”” Doyle countered, “”But you were just watching the Weather Channel!”” But it was too late, Mannix had already run down an alley chasing the bad guy.So _that’s_ why I put the little weather information under the calendar. Now I don’t *have* to brag about thewarm fall days and cool spring evenings. You can see it for yourself! If you get something funny – hit REFRESH. It works for me.


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