November 11, 2006

Doctor there’s a crack in my …

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Semi-retirement is not all it’s cracked up to be. This “”time in between jobs”” is not a break-away hit with me. There are actually two problems. First, I have some things to do. Not like I used to. But some. On the other hand, most of them are entirely optional. And optional here means time to take a nap instead. Second, being at liberty to decide what I want to do means that I am also available to help with the renovations Linda has decided are critical.OK, so we needed to get rid of the sagging door way and the termite trails in the walls. And ok, that little crack in the poured foundation does leak when it rains, but only when it rains real hard! So she’s doing all the hard work, that is removing the wallboard and replacing the studs and putting the “”mud”” on the new wallboard. But this crack in the foundation has gone from Katie’s to Linda’s to my project. Linda provided me with a nice drill and some very sturdy concrete drill bits. Wearing the mask and safety glasses, weilding the dynamic drill, I’m sure I’m quite a sight.I’ve drilled through (having had the drilling started by Katie, moved forward by Linda and finally picked up by me) the top 16 to 18 inches. I’m afraid the bottom 16 to 18 inches might be the most difficult. Only three or four sessions left and I should be done. Either that or my once good right arm will give out and I’ll come down with a bout of carpal tunnel syndrome. Say, that’s a good idea. Yeah. Hey, Linda!

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