November 3, 2006

New Configuration!

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:00 am by dgcombs

I recently finished the blog configuration. I’ve moved to Blojsom. It’s a Java based blogging tool which utilizes PostgreSQL to store the postings and meta-information. This is step one in an effort to get acquainted with some new software configurations, Java and JSP in particular. The web server I’m running now is Resin. It’s also Java-based, purporting to server better than or just as well as Apache.The next step is to get Gedafe running. This is a database front end written in PERL that lets you build web-based applications using a database back end without doing a lot of front end programming in something like PHP. Right now I’m having problems getting a couple of the modules to run under Windows. The CGI implementation under Resin seems to be working … but I’m having problems telling if it’s the module I’ve commented out or the Java bailing out from ann overly complex PERL configuration!Finally, I’m going to install a package called PmWiki which is a PHP based Wiki. Resin inclues Quercus which is a Java-based implementation of PHP. Now that’s just gotta be cool! A Wiki running on Windows in a java implementation of PHP on a Java based web application server.Now if I just had a proxy server that I could use to provide services on another internal server. Ah well, single threading is a much more effective way of processing this particular application rollout!

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