September 28, 2006

Take Time for Just One Prayer

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Tuesday mid-day, I went into the Baha’i Unity Center to set up the classroom for Sunday’s class. I won’t be there, and I wanted to make sure the substitute teacher had an easy time keeping the flow of the lessons I had planned out.

I spent about two hours in the quiet building, no one was there, rearranging the classroom, hanging the activity items and making sure everything was just so. As I was about to leave, a thought struck me. Perhaps I could just say my prayers in the Devotions Room before I left. I went down to the bathroom and washed up. I came back upstairs and took off my shoes. Entering the room, I knelt down and began to say prayers. I couldn’t have stayed long, just five minutes or so. I stood up and retrieved my shoes.

As I was driving home, I felt much better, saying prayers does that. But nearly home I saw some smoke in the sky. “”Uh-oh. That can’t be good.”” As I rounded the bend in the expressway and headed for my exit I saw a sea of red lights. Traffic had come to a standstill. And so we sat for nearly four hours.

Since I had the time, I walked up and down the mile and a half to the spot where the accident occured. I talked to one woman who had her two little boys in her car, eight and five. All they wanted to do was go outside and run around! I talked to a woman who really had to use the bathroom. I talked to a guy who’s kid was two car lengths ahead in a car pool from their school. I watched as several very determined people made a break for it driving up the side of the road, skidding this way and sliding that but eventually and with the help of a group of equally determined bystanders pushing, making their way to the roadway next to the Interstate.

You can see the accident at 11Alive.

It took so long to open the road because the searing heat made the road impossible to drive on.

After I got home, I realized that if I had left just a few minutes earlier, I could have been ahead of the accident, or in it. I’m glad I took a little time for prayers. I think someone needed them.


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