September 18, 2006

Nothing much to do…

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Well, it’s been a long run. I started with the company back in 1982 on December 30th (because Buddy Ray wanted to make sure I got paid for the holiday on January 1st). That was Peachtree Software. And MSA bought Peachtree Software. And Dun & Bradstreet bought MSA. And Geac bought Dun & Bradstreet. And Golden Gate bought Geac. And Infor bought us all.

Sounds like something from the Old Testament.

I’ve been bringing things home a little bit at a time. I cleaned out the right two bottom drawers of the desk I’ve been sitting at for over 20 years today. I think one more box ought to do it. Of course there are the pictures on the wall – including the Escher that originally hung in the CFO’s office at MSA. Oh, and the Buck Rogers advertisement that used to hang in the Marketing War Room.

I guess I’ll “”work from home”” for a few days each week. No one even asked if I’m coming in tomorrow. I guess they all know I ain’t. The worst thing is that I worked for a week on a one-page resume. I finally finished it off with a flourish and sent it to a head hunter I’ve known for about five years. She sent me back a quick note and said, “”the days of the one page resume are over… brag a little.”” sigh back to the drawing board.

My last day is November 1st. I’m just not sure what I’ll do until then. But I know where I won’t be doing it.


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