July 19, 2006

…and pictures, too!

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:00 am by dgcombs

Wow!Well, Demian moved out of the room downstairs and Linda has been cleaning it up and removing the walls so we (that is, so she) can fix the leak through the crack in the foundation (and see what else is going on back there). And then… I got the fever. So I’ve been cleaning up little things down there too.

Last night, I found this old, OLD, OLD ZIP Disk. It has Dad’s (Grampa, Great Grampa) writing on it and it says, “”REFORMATTED 7-10-99.”” At the bottom, it says, “”JPG photos of Dan’s – Tim’s and some of Rebekah and Ben.”” Cool! says, I. But I’ve long ago lost track of my old Zip disk reader. Along with my old five-and-a-quarter diskette drives and even an (ulp!) JAZZ drive. So how am I to get this data off?

I checked around at work. No luck.Then on a whim I visited the guy down the hall. Apparently, one of the old timer sales guys who left the company months and months ago dropped off a Zip drive (USB, thank you!) on his way out. He said he didn’t need it any more. So I borrowed it and voila! There are all these really old and poorly lit images. Man, I looked good with hair!

I just hope I don’t find any eight inch diskettes with pictures on them. I don’t think anyone has a spare eight inch drive any more. Did they make digital cameras back then?


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