June 16, 2006

Close — so close!

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:00 am by dgcombs

After trying so hard, I think I’m almost there.Oh and I’ve found some of the most interesting things out. I think I’ll share them with you…1) Yes – Java is pretty cool. But of course you knew that, didn’t you.2) There’s more than one way to skin a cat – or TomCat (a Java based web server implementation that will install as a Win32 service, but is really clumbsy to configure). There’s Jetty (the one I like but won’t work as a Win32 service). There’s Tiny Java Web Server – and it’s tiny! It actually has some installation code that lets it install as a service… and it works. There’s LiteWebServer (why install more than you need?) that apparently doesn’t have a Win32 service function but – well, it’s bundled with JustGetIt module manager – need I say more?3) Blojsom has its own set of little problems.

So I got TinyJavaWebServer (heretofore called TJWS to keep me from having to type all night!) to install. I ported over my old BLOGS. I got settled in to see how the XMLRPC works. But when I checked … the Blogs were gone. Vanished. Vaporized. Ok, I know I had them just here… There were quite a few, back almost a year if you’re keeping track. When I ran under Jetty they were at C:\Documents and Settings\Dan\Local Settings\Temp\Jetty__Blojsom. But it wasn’t there. When I ran under TomCat they were at C:\Blojsom-Blogs (where I wanted them). But they weren’t there. When I ran under TJWS, they were at C:\Documents and Settings\Dan\Blojsom-Blogs (which was OK too).

But now they’re GONE!

Oh – well, they do exist in one place… my trusty old Sun box running Gentoo Linux and Blosxom – the PERL version of Blojsom… or is Blojsom the Java version of Blosxom? I get so confused!

And there they’ll stay.

Java Web Servers… not ready for prime time. And that’s the truththththththththth.


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