May 12, 2006

A puppy by any other name…

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Ok – Tyler got a dog, er, uh, a puppy. She’s a cute seven weeks old; nearly 8 now.

Well, Tyler picked a name for his puppy, but his mom, Katie, didn’t especially like that name. I wrote my mother about it:

The original name of the dog – with her previous owner was “”Sue-Sue.”” Tyler had no problem coming up with a name, “”Tiger.”” Of course, he’s already named three cats “”Tiger.”” So Katie is a little concerned about overuse of the name. She wants to rename her “”Akida”” or “”Akita”” because she kind of looks like that breed. And that was the name of the girl in Atlantis. (or was her name just “”Kida””?)

Now Tyler likes names like that “”tie”” sound. When asked to name a planet where people are a lot like him he called it “”Tylelot.”” And his leprechaun for St. Patrick’s day was named “”Ty.”” So I wasn’t terribly surprised when he chose “”Tiger.”” After all that was his nickname when we were at great gramma’s house and he was having fun learning to play Farkle with Auntie Karen and his BIG cousins!

My mother reminded me that my sister even had a pet chicken (now that is another blog altogether!) named Tiger. A furocious beast that attempted to attack my mom while she was hanging the wash out in the back yoard one day.

NOTE: I’ve learned this evening that Katie and Tyler reached a compromise name: “”Akira.”” I like it… “”Akir-“” is the Esperanto root word for “”acquire.”” So this puppy is “”the acquired.””

Now all this brings up another point. If I copy my own email and take credit for it, is it plaguarism?


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