April 29, 2006

Picnics – even in doors

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:00 am by dgcombs

My mother, a self-educated Internet denizen, has tken to Blogging. Recently she had a small piece on picnics. Well that stuck with me. So much so that when I went to the grociery store today, the only things on my mind were some pinic items. “”no! It’s just the Spring in the air and the bouyancy from the pending Summer evenings that are making me think picnic.”” But somewhere between the potato salad and the lemonade I realized that I wanted a picnic.

Sadly it is really hard to do these days. Linda, the love of my life, only eats veggies (fried chicken is out) and Tyler. my 8 year old grandson, doesn’t like turkey burgers and I don’t eat red meat. This is just too hard!

So I whipped up a pair of turkey burgers saying “”hamburger”” all the while. Linda steamed a head of brocolli in the microwave. Demian cooked up a steaming pot os chicken stew. But when we sat down at the table, without the TV and the sun lingering slowly toward the horizon, we talked. about school, about work, about the recent report on hydolized vegetable protein. And isn’t that what a picnic is?

EDIT: Mom apparently liked my calling her a denizen. LIttle does she know that I almost opted for the more descriptive term maven which has a few more apt conotations but I thought she might be too modest for the acclaim. It’s not many people who are in a position to have his elderly parents so involved in the Internet, computers and their Faith. Why mom even takes some occasional kidding about her Apple from us Intel/AMD addicts.


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