April 15, 2006

Work is a Dog

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:00 am by dgcombs

Ok – maybe it’s not a dog.I had a dog once. He was a pretty nice dog. He wondered onto our property in Kansas (one mile East of Fort Dodge) one Saturday afternoon looking hungry and tired. I fed him. He was white with brown spots so quite naturally we named him “”Brownie.””

Brownie made me feel good. He listened when no one else did. He was my awake-in-the-morning-pal while everyone else slept. And when I needed a hug he’d give me one of those slobbery licks. So maybe work isn’t quite a dog.

Geac has been acquired by a company called Golden Gate. I can get new business cards because the company has been renamed to Extensity. Although the initial word was that we’d have no cuts in the IT department, we did. Now those of us who are left are struggling to fit what those who are going used to do into two buckets: things we still have to and things we no longer need (or don’t have time) to. And then for those things we still have to do, we need to find someone who both can (and isn’t too overloaded already) to do them.

So in general, I feel dog tired. Mostly because I’ve been working like a dog. I’m panting at the end of the day because I’m running from meeting to meeting. I’m chewing through a lot more home work than I used to have.

Hey! Maybe I’m the dog!


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