April 15, 2006

My Dad is NOT a Blogger

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:00 am by dgcombs

Well, that’s what he says anyway. But the family recently got an email from the guy who is barely thirty-nine years over thirty-nine (that’s somewhere in another blog). He was musing – and musing is pretty close to blogging. It’s just that you write down the musing when you blog.

“”While I was out mowing the near backyard( the far backyard is where the garden spot is) in the hot, dusty, pollen covered, small tree limb strewn, backyard yesterday afternoon, I kept looking at the remaining area growing smaller and the Done area getting bigger, I thought about the word ‘Done’! That is a Good word,’Done’! When I eat a good meal and am Done, I am satisfied, when I get the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and turn it on, I feel better, because they will get Done without me doing any more. When I do a load of wash and it is Done, I put it in the dryer, knowing it will soon be Done. If I need to go get some refills on medication I hope to get that Done and back home, so I can use the bathroom, and be Done with that! It is good to be able to say, “”I’m Done with a chore””! Sometimes it may be we don’t like ‘Done’! Like Mom may read a good book, and is Done with it. Or if we are watching a good tv program, and it is Done. But if it is doing the Taxes, I think most people are glad to say “”the Taxes are Done!”” Or maybe. “”The work week is Done, and I can relax a bit!”” I remember when I used to help Uncle Tommy harvest his wheat, we were always glad when we could say, “”The harvest is Done.”” If I take the car to a mechanic and know I will have to pay him for fixing it I have mixed feelings about him calling and saying, “”Your Car is Done””! Because I know I will have to pay him. But, still, the word, Done, is a good word and I sorta remember when our kids learned to use the word, Done. About the time they became ‘Potty”” trained. Well. I think I am about Done writing about the word, Done. And I bet you are glad!””

Now of course, I can’t help being proud of my parents when they’ve moved along with the times to become oh so computer literate when oh so many of my own generation haven’t got a clue how to use the right button on a mouse, let alone repair computers, try new operating systems, format web pages for people half way across the globe, engage in a MAC vs PC controversy and … yes, blog.

Following their example, I guess we’ll never really be done. How cool is that?


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