February 1, 2006

Philip Pullman is quite an author.

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I was last May at a Baha’i class near Flint Michigan. At the time I had a bookabout a boy and his dragon. It was called “”Eragon”” and it was by a 19 yearfellow by the name of Christopher Paolini. The cover on it is bright blueand there is this dragon on it, see. So when you’re walking around in an airportor sitting at a bus stop or getting your bags together to leave the school,people notice the book. It’s too thick to hide in your hip pocket or yourcomputer case (which I remembered to take with me this time rather than leavingit charge in the foyer of the school).

Linda had bought the book some time back – she’s always scouting out for bookswhich might interest Tyler or Justin or even (let’s keep our fingers crossed)Cody. Sadly, she got the hard back version. I felt like I had to finish it.After all, it was some kind of fiction or fantasy or something. But whenpeople asked me how it was, I was hard pressed to come up with a good answer.You see, I had just finished reading “”Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.””It is hard to give the next book you read a fair hearing I suppose. I finallycame up with an idea. I gave it a half-hearted, “”It’s OK I guess.”” And mostpeople were happy with that.

But Riva, one of my classmates, told me she’d read a really good book byPhilip Pullman called “”The Golden Compass.”” Riva is in contract law. And sheis good at it. I was a little surprised that she had read something with atitle like that. I was a little tentative about spending real money on anotherbook after being so disappointed with the dragon book. But given that Riva isvery, very smart, I took a chance.

I was pleasantly surprised. No, I was really excited! This book had it allgoing on! I got to reading the end notes and found out the Golden Compass wasone of a trilogy. So I read the other two. Oh… Rats! so now I am back whereI was. “”Riva! Got any suggestions?”” But wait! Reading the End notes on the finalbook of the trilogy, “”The Amber Spyglass”” I see that Philip Pullman has writtenthree more books. They’re called the “”Sally Lockhart Mysteries.”” Great! Anothertrilogy. That ought to hold me until the next Harry Potter book is released.

“”The Ruby in the Smoke”” is so far pretty good. What is most interesting to meis that old Phil has written this one in a totally different style. More likeone of those Dorothy Sayers mysteries but without the insufferable nobleman.

Ok, and if I finish all three of these before Harry Potter hits the streets,then I will have to pick up Crossan’s “”The Historical Jesus.”” After all, itwas a birthday present. Hey… you think it is a trilogy too?


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