January 27, 2006


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What a birthday it was too.Yes, Demian is now 31 and Katie is now 26. It is hard to believe. All grown up Katie decided to coordinate a birthday bash at the Kuki Restaurant, a Japanese steak house known for its lively entertainment as well as good food. Demian just kept hanging his head and saying “”I’m over 30, I just can’t trust myself any more!””

The six of us, Linda, I, Tyler, B.J. (Katie’s intended) and the two birthday kids met at the restaurant around 6:10pm. We were supposed to be there at 5:45 but last minute shopping and an accident impeded our progress!

Linda and I had the special fruit punch. It was s-o-o-o sweet that I had to ask for a glass of water to drink it all down. Tyler was ecstatic; he got a Coke. The young lady took our orders and Katie had a little problem remembering what she likes at the Japanese place. So I suggested we try the Tuna Sashimi (like sushi with no rice) and some tempura vegetables. Of course Demian and Tyler settled in and had tempura chicken.

B.J. just couldn’t figure how anyone would eat sashimi. So Katie and I enjoyed every bite. The wasabi was less hot than I would have thought so it went down well. We had six or eight good size chunks of red raw tuna. Mmmmm-good.

Salad and a soup came with it. Linda opted for the seaweed salad – with sesame seeds for flavor. I’m not sure I’d call that a salad.

Then a young couple were seated at the table with us – it’s a family style thing I guess. The young woman started up a conversation with Tyler and Demian. After they put their order in the show started. The chef came over with his array of cutlery and spatulas. He started banging and tapping on the top of the grill – of course he had everyone’s attention. Then he squirted some oil on the grill and set it aflame! Tyler’s eyes got VERY BIG! He leaned back to avoid the smoke. Then our chef pulled out two eggs and started rolling them around on the grill, “”Egg roll!”” he said. Chuckle Chuckle. Then he started to juggle them on the spatulas. yep. That’s right. He flipped them over and finally up high in the air and held his pocket open. You guessed it… the egg missed by a fraction of an inch and went right on the grill. So he flipped the second egg up and over his head and caught it squarely in the top of his hat. Tyler was suitably impressed. He recognized a fellow basketball player!

This fellow had a few other tricks up his sleeve. I reckon there must be a magazine or web site or maybe even a cable channel devoted to Japanese steak house chef tricks of the trade. As he was making the fried rice he squirted on some sesame oil, “”Japanese oil!”” he shouted. Followed by “”Soy Sauce!”” And finally he pulled out a red bottle and said, “”Japanese ketchup!”” and squirted directly at Tyler. A red string squirted out of the bottle and stopped just short of Tyler’s nose. He laughed and laughed!

The chef stacked up an onion one on top of another and filled it with oil. Then as the steam and smoke came out, he banged the grill with a spatula and shoved the onion stack around making noises like, “”choo-choo!””

He had saved back two shrimp. We didn’t know why. Finally he cut them into very small pieces and asked the young woman’s date, “”you like shrimp?”” When the poor guy nodded he said, “”Catch!”” and he picked up a small piece on his spatula and tossed it up in the air. The guy caught it squarely in the left eye! The second try hit his chin. Poor fellow! He went around the table – Tyler passed. I got mine! But he had one piece left and so Tyler finally volunteered. The chef tossed it and Tyler caught it perfectly! He chewed it up and said, “”Wow! Now I like shrimp!””

All in all we had a delightful evening. Demian and Katie and B.J. were going to hang out for a while, but Demian came home around 10:30. He told me they were too old to stay up late any more. I just nodded because I was too tired to speak.

Good night!


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