January 6, 2006

How old did you say I was?

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It must be some sort of rite of passage. That’s all I can come up with. So now, I’ve endured the rite. I’ve climbed to the mountain top and found that… all I got for my effort was just over the hill.

Today is Coley’s birthday. I know that from my calendar and my phone which tells me. What I don’t is feel like it is his birthday. When he used to have birthdays, we’d get together. Linda would make a cake. We’d burn candles. I’d take pictures as he opened presents. Coley’s birthday just isn’t as much fun any more. It only reminds me that I’m the one getting older (although he might have to disagree with me).

I am only slightly unnerved by the fact that Justin, Coley’s oldest, will be 15 this year and ready to drive. At least he thinks he is. He kept hinting while we visited that the perfect birthday present would be that car, see? the one over there. No, the red one NEXT to it.

And then last week Linda told someone that Coley would be thirty-five this year. “”Oh no,”” said I. “”He’ll be thirty-six.”” And that rhymes with bricks and that what a ton of hit us both at the sound of that number creeping oh so close to the big four-oh.

It’s not that I feel like I’m getting older, it’s that other things are getting older. I can no longer wear my favorite pair of sox. Well, ok. I haven’t been able to wear them for quite a while now. They have holes worn through the heels and give me blisters. But honestly! I just bought them. Can’t they make things to last these days. Then it dawns on me that I got the at J.C. Penny’s. The one that’s been closed now since the Olympics. And that was in, let me see now… 1996. Oh. That’s ten years.

Then tonight, another rite of passage. Demian, a full five years younger than his brother, says as we’re eating dessert in a most matter of fact way that he found his first gray hair this morning while shaving. You could have knocked me over with a ton of old sox.

I just hope walking down this side of the mountain is easier than climbing up the other.


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