December 26, 2005

Back to North Carolina!

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We headed back to North Carolina to see Coley & Shannon and the family on Monday following Christmas. We figured they had had a long enough break from us.

Of course, Coley has his own way of getting from Atlanta to Cary. Part of it is travelling w-a-a-y to fast! And the other part is going from Atlanta to Florence, SC and then up I95 and cutting across on I40 towards Raleigh. I, on the other hand take a quick look at MSN Mappoint and decide that the shortest route is better. Of course, Mapquest and Mappoint don’t take into consideration such things as Atlanta and Charlotte traffic! So as we were p-l-o-d-d-i-n-g through the North bound traffic leaving Atlanta at 2:30pm on a Monday, Linda and I decided we’d give Coley’s route a try on the way back.

We arrived late in the evening with Tyler letting us know that we’d taken entirely too long and that we should leave earlier next time!

We spent the next day just trying to get our bearings and playing with Cody and Justin’s brand new, fresh from the North Pole Sony PSP’s. These little game machines can connect wirelessly to the Internet (can you set it up, puh-leeeeeeze, Grampa?!?). They can play music, videos and surf the web. Pretty cool little machines (drool! drool!) They must have set Santa back quite a bit.

Coley had to work on Tuesday so I set about making breakfast when I got up. Or rather, when Tyler woke me up. I scrounged around and found out that we had the fixin’s: Bacon, buscuits and eggs. I was so proud when I got it all ready. The kids came and sat at the table. Such angels. Then Destiny looked around and said, “”Where’s the gravy for the buscuits?”” Oh well, I guess there’s always tomorrow!

We introduced them to two games: Mancala and Farkle. Destiny caught on right away to mancala and started beating some people. OK… beating ME! Farkle was a bit more of a stretch and that rule that you can’t start until you get 1000 points was a real killer for Justin. We must have played Farkle at least six or seven times (Thanks Karen!)

Of course we spent a long time deciding “”what are we going to do today.”” And believe it or not… we found a few things to do.


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