December 2, 2005

It’s time for Basketball!

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This muscular young lad chasing the round ball is Tyler. Sadly, these poor grainy shots are all that we have as a reminder of the best basketball ever played at the Oak Grove Elementary Gym.

Yes, the Hoosiers (White/Red) took on the Cougars (Red/White) in what appeared to be quite the defensive battle. Then we realized, neither team could shoot. It was surprising, though that these second grade boys actually played Basketball. They dribbled, they threw the ball in, they played man-on-man defense, they passed to one another (occasionally though, to another on the other team) and they threw the ball at the basket. It actually went in eleven times for the Hoosiers. The twelfth time the Cougars sank one was a free throw.

Tyler actually scored! In his humble way, when asked how many baskets he made he said, “”Oh, I don’t know. One or two.””

When we left the gym, Tyler was elated still talking about how his friends did so well. We went to Planet Smoothy where the High School girls working there all know Tyler by now. They just start making his Grape Ape smoothy (with NO strawberries – “”I don’t like the little seeds,”” he says) when we walk in. Who should be standing there collecting his Acai berry smoothy, but the coach of the Cougars! He came over to Tyler, ruffeled his hair and told him that he played a great game. We were, he said, evenly matched.

Final score: Cougars 23, Hoosiers 22.Just wait until next week!


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