November 26, 2005

Happy Birthday!

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This is Mahdiya. She’s in Linda’s Baha’i class at the Baha’i Unity Center in Atlanta. Mahdiya is nine years old today. She was big eyed and smiling when she came up to me after classes and announced that it was her birthday. I guess she’d said the same thing in her class and that’s what reminded Linda that it was my birthday too!

I’d gone all morning without mention of it. Then all through lunch with Tyler. Finally about 2pm she had to go to Walmart for “”something.”” And “”oh, yeah, I keep forgetting to tell you, Happy Birthday.””

I don’t mind. It’s not like I need any more birthdays. I just don’t mind that they come and go once a year. Mostly go.

So we made Pizza. Portabella and Mushroom Pizza for the big people and Four Cheese Pizza for the little one (and me). I did ponder for a moment whether a “”portabella”” was a “”mushroom”” or something else. i was hoping it was just another mushroom, because I didn’t want it to be “”something else.””

Then, Linda pulled a cherry pie out of the oven! It was all covered with that gooey stick cherry filling (but no tapioca). I had mine with vanilla ice cream. And then I had another with vanilla ice cream. And then because it was still warm… boy do I need to go exercise a little bit.

Happy Birthday, Mahdiya!


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