November 10, 2005

Marco! … Polo!

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Yes, Ms Vines’ Second Grace class heard about this intrepid youngster named Mark Polo. And so in the Enrichment program, they wrote their own play and with the help of their Enrichment teacher Ms Beecham, they produced it, costumes, props and all. When we arrived, Ms Beecham asked who was Tyler’s grandmother. Because apparently, Tyler thought she’d be just perfect to help with costume changes!

Tyler played the part of Uncle Mafio – the uncle of Marco Polo. Oddly enough (or perhaps not so oddly these days), Marco Polo was played by a girl, Katherine. Tyler had a little stage fright, he said. Katherine was going to have to hug him (and his friend Angel – who played Marco Polo’s father) when they agreed to take him (her) to China.

It was a very cute play – when they walked through the wilds between Europe and China, they came upon a couple of “”Queendoms”” where Zahra and Amanda reigned supreme! It was only by Tyler’s quick realization that he had a golden tablet issued by the Khan himself that saved them! Once they arrived at the Kubla Khan’s palace, they showed us how they built a catapult and helped him squash a rebellion. They had a working catapult made with springy steel and were whipping wadded up paper at the audience! That Ms Beecham is a very patient teacher!

After they finished the story of Marco Polo they made a quick costume change (well, OK, Linda was trying her best) and we had a spaceman, a deep sea diver (Tyler) and other adventurers ushered onto the stage to show the legacy of Marco Polo.

(applause please)


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