October 12, 2005

The Local Orange Blog

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:00 am by dgcombs

Just for fun, I tried to set up Blosxom on my Windows laptop so I could use it in disconnected mode to test plugins and other things. It was way too easy.

First I set up the Abyss Web server from Apprelium :
* HTDOCS is set to Q:\My WWW
* Enable Script Execution
* Set the Script Path to /cgi-bin
* Set the Script to determine the interpreter from the #! line

Under the directory Q:\My WWW I created the directory structure:

I placed the FreshSqueezed flavour template files in Blosxom and created a couple of text files in One, Two, Three and One-One.

I placed some plugins in the plugins directory
1. meta
2. breadcrumbs
3. cookies
4. menu
5. meta_image
6. Markdown

Voila! it just works.

The only thing I couldn’t get going was using a ScriptAlias to convert




Oh well… not bad for 30 minutes of effort. Now I’m all set to start helping work on the next version of Blosxom as well as write some plugins of my own!


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