October 3, 2005

Back From Boston (Hurray!)

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I survived my trip to Boston and all I got was a lousy t-shirt (for Tyler)!

The bad news was the update from Tim and family on Karen. We’ve been doing prayers since. We’re hoping the medication and the proper surgeon will make things better!

The Boston Move

The Boston Office move (from my point of view) took way too long. I worked for about three hours trying to get authentication workin on the wireless access points and the remote access vpn device only to find that the authentication server I was pointing to was not running the service. sigh!

The Westin Hotel

Most of us stayed in the Westin hotel. They advertise that they have “”Heavenly”” beds. Well, let me tell you. Only Kan liked the beds. Everyone else was wondering what was so “”heavenly”” about them! The real problem, in my opinion was the pillows. I had two double beds in my room. They put four pillows on each bed. Yes, that’s right. FOUR! Now, I like a good firm pillow. So I tried all four of them. They were so soft and downey that my head would sink all the way to the “”Heavenly”” bed before it stopped! Then, after sleeping that way for six hours I got a terrible neck ache. So I stepped into the shower hoping for a shower massage to ease the kinks out of my neck. I puzzled over the shower head for a minute. Or should I say, “”heads.”” Yes, there were two of them. So I got twice as clean that morning… in half the time. And jetted off to work hoping that my neck would straighten itself out before lunchtime.

Hanging the Wireless Access Point

That day, we were setting up the wireless access point. I wanted to find out how to position the antenna for best reception. A dipole? A T-shape? a V-shape? an inverted-V? Ah, the questions I had. So I gathered several boxes and stacked them on this horrible light green cushioned footstool. I planned to put the access point on top and try verious configurations until I found the right one. In order to get it up there, I brought over a swivveling chair. Rajesh Maraj (our senior networking engineer) came in and said – nah, that’ll take too long. I’ll just hold it. So he stood on the chair and held the access point against the wall. And then the chair swivveled. And he swivveled. And Tim Sills said, “”are you all right?”” And the chair swivveled some more! I turned around just in time to see Raj hit his head on the wall putting a big dent in it. the wall… not his head thankfully. So put the Access Point up ”BEFORE” Raj gets there to help!

The Naked Fish

That evening Raj and I went to a nice little place for dinner called “”The Naked Fish.”” Apparently because they don’t bread their fish. They do, however, put cracked black pepper on it! So I got a black pepper encrusted tuna steak… medium well done. There was more pepper on it than I have ever seen! Man it was good.


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