August 20, 2005

Arriving back home!

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:00 am by dgcombs

Linda and I travelled home in a very quiet car – just the two of us.Demian called when we were about half way. He said it was storming in Atlanta.We looked out the windows and didn’t see anything other than some clouds. Wefigured that was good. After an hour or so, Demian called back. The power hadgone out in Peachtree City. He said he was going to a movie.

We got home in the dark. The lights were out all over our neighborhood. Thehouse was dark. The kitchen was dark. The living room was – ouch! – dark. Weput things away and lit some flashlights and sat in the, well… dark. Afteran hour of that, we decided to head for bed. It was all just too dark and Ihad to go to work the next day.

I laid down and waited for sleep to come. Just as I was drifting off andbeginning to be relaxed, the lights came on! My new clock radio flashed ONOFF ON OFF and zip reset itself to the right time (gotta love that newfeature!). I struggeled to my feat and turned off the lights. I guess I leftthem on when I went to bed. I laid back down and tried to go to sleep again,this time in my own self imposed dark!


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